Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Source Code Highlighting in Blogger

... is something Google don't have a good solution for right now and is a huge source of pain for me and a lot of other bloggers, judging by the large quantity of posts related to the subject. Hopefully it's something Google can provide in the near future.

Message for Blogger Labs.

In the meantime, I'm using the solution posted by Gilad Naor, which uses the "TOhtml" feature found in Vim. It's not a bad solution, and I've found that putting "let html_use_css = 1" in your .vimrc tells Vim to output CSS (yeah baby!), which makes everything easier on the eye and more maintainable.

Huge thanks to Gilad for being the first person to alert me to the possibility of using everyone's favourite terminal editor in this way, and I would've posted to thank him, except Blogger's word verification isn't working. :(

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