Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Finally, a new post! Yay me, for drudging up enough silly stuff to write a post about!

Seriously though, it has been a pretty hectic week (tests, exams, assignments, the usual) so it's a wonder that I have any time left over for blogging. Anyhoos, I thought I would post up something that didn't take too much time to make, and is at least a somewhat fun exercise in Python coding for myself.

So, without further ado, let me present! For those of you who like to back up their precious NDS games regularly, like I do, space is a consideration, especially if your collection runs into hundreds of games, like mine (I really do have a lot of games, don't ask). What this Python script does is trim your NDS backups (or ROMs) by a factor of up to 50%, depending on the actual size of the game itself.

How can it save that much, you wonder? Well, considering some ROMs might be 70-80 MB, they'll decide to use 128MB ROM cartridges, with the remaining space doing precisely...nothing. The space can add up real quick!

Anyway, the original C++ code was posted on a forum somewhere (I won't tell because I've forgotten where), and I simply took the liberty of translating it to the Bestest Programming Language in The World TM, because I can. If anyone reading this knows the original source of the code, please do tell me and so I can properly thank the guy. :)

I might write up a GUI (with wxPython) if I feel up to it, so Windows aficionados can enjoy the fruits of my work too! If you're impatient for some GUI goodness, go here and get your fix.

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